Shared Hosting Migration from 'bit' node to `junto` node

Friends of Coinhost! Exciting news :)

We have successfully migrated all except 4 accounts from the "old" (bit) server to the "new" server (junto). We recommend all users create an account here and verify your email to expedite any support requests. If you are one of the 4 who we were unable automagically migrate then please create a support ticket immediately. NOTE: You may still log into your site on the "old server" using your login credentials here:

The `bit` node will be powered down and put to rest on 08/20/2017 at 3:00AM CST (GMT -6). Please note that any data not removed from the server by that date will be destroyed. Your backups will be retained until 11/20/2017 when we will purge any unclaimed data with unassociated accounts.

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Please open a support ticket or email us if you have any questions or concerns.
Wishing you prompt confirmations,

The Coinhost Team

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

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