Emergency Maintenance - Web Hosting (Resolved)
  • Priority - High
  • Affecting System - VERSO
  • We’re investigating reports of concerns of websites on the VERSO node. We're actively working to resolve the concerns. New Web hosting new orders will be paused until maintenance is complete. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    ** UPDATE: ** A reboot of the verso node will be required. The reboot is scheduled for 9PM CST (GMT -6).

    ** UPDATE ** The maintenance was a success. 

    If you have any questions, please open a support ticket. Our staff is here to assist promptly.


    The Coinhost Team

  • Date - 11/15/2019 17:17 - 11/15/2019 21:02
  • Last Updated - 11/16/2019 15:48
[URGENT] [UPDATE] Scheduled Upgrade Verso (Resolved)
  • Priority - High
  • Affecting Server - Verso
  • Coinhost Support Team notifies you about planned maintenance on VERSO (

    Maintenance start time: 23 September 2018 02:15 AM (CENTRAL)
    Maintenance completion time: 23 September 2018 02:55 AM (GMT +02)
    Maintenance total duration: 0h 40m

    Maintenance details: Update verso storage node capacity
    Services impact: All websites on Verso Shared Hosting will be unavailable for up to 10 minutes. Login via portal.coinhost.io will be unavailable. Login via direct data center URL will not be affected. Backup and restore tasks will not be affected.
    Actions needed: please notify your partners and customers about planned maintenance. please make additional backups of your website through the acronis portal or to your favorite storage platform.

    May you need more information regarding the maintenance, please contact support at 

    Best regards, 
    Coinhost Support Team

  • Date - 09/23/2018 02:15 - 05/28/2019 00:57
  • Last Updated - 09/20/2018 18:31
Control Panel Issues (Resolved)
  • Priority - High
  • Affecting Server - Junto
  • Thanks for your patience as we've worked diligently to resolve the issue with the Junto web hosting control panel over the last several days.

    Though only shared hosting services on the Junto node have been immediately impacted by the issue we apologize for any extended effects it has on your visitors and all of our partners.

    We've been attempting to gracefully rollback the control panel to a date before the bad command line selection (cause) or migrate all accounts using our intended disaster recovery protocol. We've found flaws in this plan, and we will publish the updated plan once the accounts are migrated.

    Unfortunately, this means we may be relegated to manually migrating your websites to a new shared hosting server. You will receive a public update, support ticket, and email before and after work is completed for your account. While we're still working with our backup provider to rollback and avoid this unnecessary migration we do have some good news as no data is lost and the new server will provide all affected accounts a 100% credit for their entire billing cycle. This credit includes the shared hosting orders placed from 03/28/2018 thru-until further notice.


    - Junto Shared Hosting Control Panel is Inoperable
    - SLA Credit Will be Applied to All Affected Accounts
    - Manual migration appears likely for shared hosting tenants 
    - more news to follow as we implement an appropriate solution

    Please contact us via email support@coinhost.io with any concerns

    Thanks for your gracious patronage and any kind understanding as we're working to implement the most appropriate solution for our outstandingly appreciated and varied partners. If you're a current partner and require an immediate solution, please do open a support ticket.


    The Coinhost Team

  • Date - 04/04/2018 06:13 - 09/20/2018 18:18
  • Last Updated - 04/04/2018 06:52
Your Website Migrations (Resolved)
  • Priority - Medium
  • Affecting Other -
  • Shared Hosting Migration from 'bit' node to `junto` node

    Friends of Coinhost! Exciting news :)

    We have successfully migrated all except 4 accounts from the "old" (bit) server to the "new" server (junto). We recommend all users create an account here and verify your email to expedite any support requests. If you are one of the 4 who we were unable automagically migrate then please create a support ticket immediately. NOTE: You may still log into your site on the "old server" using your login credentials here:

    The `bit` node will be powered down and put to rest on 08/20/2017 at 3:00AM CST (GMT -6). Please note that any data not removed from the server by that date will be destroyed. Your backups will be retained until 11/20/2017 when we will purge any unclaimed data with unassociated accounts.

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    Please open a support ticket or email us if you have any questions or concerns.
    Wishing you prompt confirmations,

    The Coinhost Team

  • Date - 07/19/2017 00:30 - 09/20/2018 18:18
  • Last Updated - 08/06/2017 12:01